A Quick Primer for Using LinkedIn to Promote Your Business

If you’re like most people, you may view LinkedIn as just Facebook for business. However, you couldn’t be further from the truth. LinkedIn can be a serious business tool for your company, helping you cultivate leads and building your brand. In fact, did you know that that, according the LinkedIn, one in three professionals around the globe has a LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn, beyond its social aspects, is a goldmine of information, talent and potential business prospects. True Marketing believes it is in every business’s best interest to be on LinkedIn. So here are four quick tips on how to make your improve your business profile and make your time on LinkedIn more effective.

  1. YOUR PROFILE – We have resumes for a reason and LinkedIn is not meant to be your resume. Your business profile is your pitch to your target. Don’t just list your division and responsibilities. It should tell your target what it is you do, your business’s objectives and any philanthropies or organizations it takes part in. It should tell the story of your business. What differentiates your business from the rest of businesses in your industry? This is also another great place to share people’s opinions or comments about your company as well. To make the most of your profile be sure to fill in every possible piece of information LinkedIn offers so you can to really boost your profiles image.
  2. NETWORKING –Connecting with your friends and other people you know is a great place to start. But to really expand your opportunities, we suggest you connect with people that you may not really know but have mutual connections in common. Those connections become your gateway to establishing new relationships. It is also of great benefit to have your employees connect to your business page as well, they are one of the best means of building your business page’s audience. Ultimately you should be reaching out to others, developing relationships with those people, and staying in touch with them to keep the relationships active.
  3. GROUPS – LinkedIn Groups are a great way to connect and build your company’s brand as a thought leader. Find people or groups that you share common goals, perspectives and ideas with, and connect with them. Build your reputation and share content that you believe gives value to your peers. By engaging with people in LinkedIn groups, you begin relationships that are easier to develop. Think of it like a virtual chamber of commerce meeting. Groups also open the door to help your business develop; they are great opportunities to showcase the knowledge, experience and skills your business offers.
  4. CONSISTENT ENGAGEMENT –You will get out of LinkedIn what you put into it. Consistently being engaged and connecting with others, updating your profile, establishing and developing new relationships, are all keys to being successful on LinkedIn. It’s not enough to just build a profile and let it sit. Update it with new content and success stories. Actively work to get followers. Put your LinkedIn page on your website. Invite people to connect in the signature of your emails.

LinkedIn is more than just being able to connect with others. This is a podium for you to brag about your business in a professional manner. It is the chance to show a potential client, partner, or employee your business’s strength and personality.

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