A Video Introduction to Cachematrix

Cachematrix is the world’s leading independent FinTech provider of liquidity investment management platforms.

Cachematrix was trying to expand their marketshare by exploiting a need in the marketplace: a way for smaller banks to prevent losing clients to larger rivals because they don’t have the services their clients need as well as the implicit need to expand revenues.

The target audience already knew about the type of service Cachematrix offers, but does not see the value. Before we sell the target on Cachematrix, we must first sell the value of a portal in general.

The target is risk aversive so we must calm his fears and mitigate the risk as much as possible .

And the video itself needs to be concise because research showed that the attention span of people watching videos decreases with the length of the video. The value of Cachematrix will be expressed within the context of the value of portals in general. In this way we comes across as educational and consultative, while still getting the benefits of Cachematrix across.

In a video such as this, it is best to create “characters” with defined roles. (E.G. in apple you have the design guy talking to aesthetics, you have the UI guy empathizing with the user, you have the tech guy talking about the technical achievement, etc…) . The script will be written putting these three or four characters in motion.

  • One person should be the Cachematrix guy who is very in-touch with the target’s world. Lots of empathy and understanding of what it is like in small to mid-sized banks these days.
  • One person should be the Cachematrix industry expert who understands trends in banking and can make a case for why portals are here to stay
  • One person should be the Cachematrix portal expert who knows all about how portals work, in particular Cachematrix, and how they can be best utilized by banks.

We also need to break the video up into manageable sections

  • The first section will sell the idea of portals while also extolling the benefits of Cachematrix specifically. There will also be screen shots of the product.At the end, the viewer will be given the chance to contact Cachematrix directly or click to view a demo (screencast)
  • The video should move the viewer along the sales cycle by gauging their interest after seeing the first section. Their contact information can also be captured and used in future marketing efforts. The results will be more qualified leads for Cachematrix.
  • The second part with be the screencast/demo section
. This section gets into the specific selling points of Cachematrix as they apply to the targets pain points as well as features and functionality of the product

  • Also by splitting up the video in this way, it allows Cachematrix to repurpose the videos for other events like tradeshows.

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